Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Pinocchio's Sister - A Manaiakalani Film Festival entry

The untold story of Pinocchio's sister.  How she wished to be a human child and this was granted by her fairy godfather.  All she had to do was to complete 3 tasks.  Our movie takes you through the tasks she had to perform and how she became a human.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Week 9- Blog post by Sosaia

3D Shapes

This term we are focusing on Geometry. Yesterday we created 3D shapes using nets. I created a cone. When I was going to cut mine out, It looked liked that minion with the sirens on his head and ears.  I found it difficult because I couldn't make the cone stick together. A cone has 1 edge, 1 corner and 2 faces.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Week 8 - Kite-making

Blog post by La'Shae



This blog is going to be about how to make a Manu Taratahi.  A Manu Taratahi is a kite. So let's get started.  

To make a Manu Taratahi you need sticks, flax, string and if you want you can use feathers for decoration.  

Start by putting three sticks on the ground like this.(In the photo)
Once you do that take one of your long sticks and put it 30 cm away from the bottom.  Now take your flax and wrap it around the long stick and one of the three sticks on the ground. It should look like a x when you have finished wrapping it around.  Do it again to one of the other two sticks on the ground just as you did to the first stick.  Do it again to the third stick and keep on repeating it but just make the stick smaller to look like a triangle.  

Now that you are done, your Manu Taratahi should look like this.
Image result for how to make a manu taratahi




Saturday, 17 June 2017

Week 7: Showcasing student blog posts

Blog post by Jasmine

Today we are learning how to use dialogue. In dialogue we use speech marks. Speech marks are used to show that someone is talking. Basically how to use speech marks is pretty simple. All you do is, write down 66 and 99 at the beginning and end of your sentences, but always remember after your 66, comes a capital letter, and before a 99 comes a full stop or a question mark. It's good to test yourself to see how much of it you know, so, my teacher set a quiz about quotation marks, and my results were:

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Week 6 - Geometry continues...

Blog post by Fredrick:

3D Shapes

This whole term we are learning about geometry Yesterday my whole class made some 3D shapes using nets.I created a tetrahedron. A tetrahedron is a pyramid with a triangular base.I found it fun to create. My shape has 4 faces 6 edges and 4 corners.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Week 5 - Healthy Teeth

The school dental van is on site for the next few weeks ensuring our tamariki keep those beautiful smiles cavity-free. Remember to get your child to brush at least twice a day and remember to floss! Here's a cool video

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Term 2 - Week 4 - Geometry

For the past four weeks we have been busy with Geometry. This is the area of Mathematics that focuses on shape, size and the position of figures.
This branch of Mathematics is rich with new vocabulary. Have a chat with your tamariki-you might be pleasantly surprised with their expanding vocabulary and their rapidly increasing knowledge of Geometry!